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Updated Covid 19 Protocols

January 10, 2022
Current Tioga COVID-19 Protocols
-  Due to the recent surge in the Covid-19 Omicron variant as well as increasing efforts to have staff and students in school safely, Tioga is initiating immediately the following protocols regarding Isolation and Quarantine for staff and students.  
Positive Cases: 
  • If a staff or student tests positive, they are immediately isolated for 5-10 days by orders from the Tioga County Public Health Department.  TCPH is the only agency that can release from isolation.  TCPH determines the isolation timeline.  If the positive was from an at-home test, the individual should fill out the link below to notify the county:
Close Contacts:
  • Staff:   An unvaccinated staff member who is considered a close contact to a confirmed positive case may continue to work but must test in the morning prior to school for 5 days.  Vaccinated staff members may continue to attend per NYSDOH guidance but should test days 3 and 5 (Tioga).  
  • Students:   Any un-vaccinated student that is a close contact to a positive will quarantine for 5 days from the contact date, we will test prior to school on the morning of the 6th day.   If negative, the student may return to full participation.  Vaccinated students may continue to attend, per NYSDOH guidance, but should test days 3 and 5 (Tioga).  

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